Alan "Bones" Davis
Bone Davis Performing

Bones has been performing since age six with his first professional gig in 1961 at the Stagecoach Inn, Salado, TX.  In and out of more than thirteen groups over the years, his solo effort at present is to offer his show, his songs, his way.  A singer-songwriter who sings from the heart, he provides an entertaining show, with humor, sentimentality and pathos.  

Bones is available for House Parties, Weddings, Club Dates, College Tours or an as an Opening Act or Headliner.  With more than thirty original songs, he can provide a completely original show or intersperse cover tunes with originals. 

As with all singer-songwriters, lots of water has flowed under the Stage-Fever Bridge.  For over fifty years Alan “Bones” Davis has stood up and laid it out in front of folks.  The fever’s come and gone but never left.  “It’s time to do if for real....Enjoy it While You Can.”  

You can contact 'Bones' by e-mailing him at or by calling (512)466-3170.

Enjoy It While You Can and Bare Bones are now available for download.


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